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    The QC center with an area of 800M2, which has been provided with a full set of inspection equipments, for example HPGC,HPLC, TLC, UV, Particle Size Analyzer, Metal Detector, Microbes Test laboratory etc. . Owing to this superior condition, it allows to carry out detection autonomously according to CP, USP, EP, DAB etc.
    The QA department has established the QMS of the company,     
    taking charge of supervision and implementation to ensure
    the production process comply with the standard of GMP,
    ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008,ISO14001:2008,
    KOSHER, HACCP etc.. What’s more, we have got the
    USA RST certification of CGMP, KOSHER, ISO9001 etc.
    Besides, GMP certificates as CEP, SFDA are just under
    approval of EDQMR. So far, we have got DMF registration
    of eight products and EUDMF registration of several products.